• plastic tray
  • Plastic pallet (pallet) is to facilitate the cargo handling, transportation, warehousing and distribution by can carry some quantity of the products and use of load and port of loading and unloading of forklift with plate. It is the most humble in the logistics industry, but the ubiquity of a kind of logistics equipment, is a major means of static goods into dynamic goods. Although only one meter square size, but can move the whole earth, so they are called "the ground of the activity", "moving goods".

  • pass box
  • Box, turnover box, also known as logistics is widely used in machinery, automobiles, electrical appliances, light industry, electron, etc., acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, avirulent insipidity, can be used for serving food and so on, the clean is convenient, parts of convenience, neatly stacked, facilitate management. Its reasonable design, excellent quality, suitable for factory in logistics transportation, distribution, storage, distribution processing, etc. Logistics turnover box with a variety of containers, and equipment, used for all kinds of warehouse, production site and other occasions, in today's logistics management is the enterprise more and more attention, the generalization of containers to help complete logistics containers, integration management, is the production and circulation enterprises of modern logistics management essentials.
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