purse net

Mesh can be divided into welded mesh woven mesh, galvanized mesh and plastic mesh, welded mesh is the most commonly used.
Mesh characteristics
Material: low carbon steel wire, electric galvanized wire, hot dip galvanized wire, change wire drawing.
Advantages: welding firm, nets hole even, smooth surface, corrosion resistance, strength, protection ability.
According to the material classification: stainless steel mesh, black wire piece.
According to utility cent can male: greenhouse seedling bed decorative mesh, mesh, wire mesh, fence mesh, architectural mesh, etc.
Surface treatment: hot dip galvanized cold galvanizing jinsu coating.
Full of vitality of the color of the mesh, is widely used in exhibitions, rack, etc.
Used for protection of top coal mine, tunnel, bridge construction, subgrade reinforcement, construction site. Ordinary mesh used in construction industry as shule plate nets and partition their nets, wall net, subgrade reinforcement fabric, replace with out-soil slope greening of construction of the necessary materials. And can be used as an indicator for hot dip galvanized flower net, fence high salt waters. Can also make it shelves, heavy shelves network, etc.


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