• Medium-duty type Racks
  • Medium-sized shelves with chic modelling, reasonable structure, convenient installation, and solid, large bearing capacity, widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, enterprises and institutions warehouse.

    Unit shelf between each layer load ­ 100-500 kg, the total load is generally not more than 2500 kg. Unit shelves span is usually not more than 2.6 m, the depth of no more than 1 m, height is generally within 3 m. If unit shelves span within 2 m, the layers contained within 500 kg, usually without a medium-sized shelf plate beam shelves relatively appropriate; If the unit shelves span more than 2 m, generally can only choose to have medium beam plate shelves. No beam medium than medium with a beam shelves, layer spacing adjustable scope is bigger, stronger, beautiful, coordination with the environment better, more suitable for some high cleanliness requirements of warehouse; Medium-sized shelf plate beam shelves, industrialization is the distinguishing feature of stronger, more suitable for depositing metal structure products. Medium-sized shelf plate shelf wide application.

  • Flow-Through Racking
  • Pallets or cartons are placed on rollers that slope toward the pick face. The advantage of being gravity fed means that pick faces are automatically replenished.

    Picking and Replenishment sides are separate. Pallets or cartons are fed in from one side, and retrieved from the opposite side eliminating double handling from the receiving area. Speed of throughput combined with automatic stock rotation is the major advantage of this system.

  • Medium-duty type rack B
  • 1, with bowknot lock hole structure, is easy to install, no need strong, put the goods produced by the pressure on the natural characteristics of fixed. Main, auxiliary wireless connection, can increase shelf stability, save investment.
    2, configurable steel layer board or wood layer pressure plate, the height of each 75 mm arbitrary adjustable, unit shelves each layer of the load of up to 800 kg;
    The status of the 3, size according to customer requirements;
    4, this kind of shelves, compared with type A shelf in front of industrial, is suitable for depositing metal components;

  • Medium-duty type brackA
  • 1, splice modular structure, the standard set of components, without a connection bolt, easy installation and disassembly quickly;
    2, layer board for shears, folding processing into a super silent steel layer board, floor board below spot welding with stiffeners or add reinforcing bar;
    3, arbitrary adjustable height every 50 cm, unit shelves each layer of the load of up to 400 kg;
    4, square columns, positive number of punching, make shelf more stable and refined;
    5, are widely used in all walks of life.
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