• Mezzanine
  • Usually consist of upright, beam, shelves, deck, handrail and stair etc. Additional storage floors can be incorporated into the rack with walkways to allow pedestrian access for order picking. This maximizes all available headroom and is ideal for storing a wide variety of packaged goods for hand picking. It is the ideal solution for the utilizing of warehouse's height and space, also can accommodate sophisticated automated picking systems. Mezzanine systems are widely acceptable to automobile and logistics industry.

  • Rack Mezzanine
  • Loft-style shelves system is working in the existing site is built on the shelf or a middle attic, in order to increase the storage space, can do the second and third loft, appropriate access some light foam and small and medium-sized pieces of goods, suitable for many kinds of large or multiple varieties and small batch of goods, manual access goods. The goods are usually made of forklift trucks, hydraulic lifting platform or transfer to the second floor, third floor, then the light car or hydraulic pallet truck to a particular location.


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